This website has been setup as a personal profile and a blog. Blog is still new and I will be adding content that is geared towards infosec and self-hosting things.

About me

My name is Deepak Kapoor.

I have been a web and software developer in the past but I am transitioning towards InfoSec, specializing in Application Security.

Let’s talk

I am not active on any social-media platforms, so email would be the best way to connect

Professional Profile

Learn about my Environment


I use Arch on my laptop (I use Arch BTW) along with Luke Smith’s dot file configurations.

My desktop uses Windows for games and media.


I like to run my own instances of common services in the cloud to learn, practice and privacy reasons.


I rock an old Dell R610 server running proxmox with a few machines and docker containers. Some of the services I like to run at home are

Other 3rd party apps